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Garou: Sound and passion go hand in hand

He attracted the attention of the world and the stage with his role as Quasimodo in the musical The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, where he shined. Thanks to his talent, he was featured in both the British and French casts of the musical.

Realizing his talent when he started playing guitar at the age of 3 with the support of his father, Garou was discovered by Luc Plamondon and selected for the musical The Hunchback of Nore-Dame after serving in the military orchestra for five years in 1992.

What follows is an unstoppable rise and success story. With this performance, he becomes one of the most popular artists in France. Of course, no success can come without dedication.


What follows is an unstoppable rise and success story. With this performance, he becomes one of the most popular artists in France. Of course, no success can come without dedication.

Garou attributes his success to the fact that he spent his youth and childhood in pursuit of music and that he did not have a single memory without music.


“I owe my emotional side to people who shared their work with me, made me a better musician, and preferred to work with me,” he says.

The album 'Seoul' (Alone), which was released in 2001 and turned the French charts upside down, sold over 2 million copies in Europe. At the same time, his fame exceeded France and Europe and reached his native Canada. In Canada, the Seoul album was so successful that it won three platinum awards.


Garou is also a popular and preferred name that the whole world seeks to work with. He attributes this to his love for music, his passion and his admiration for the people he works with.

He also expresses his respect for all the artists he works with by saying, “I always prefer to work with people I find better than myself, this takes me further”.
'Sous le Vent', which he performed with Celine Dion, became the third work to reach number one in France. It is now a name that the whole world knows and wants to watch.

A few years after his successful duet with Celine Dion, he recorded 'La Riviere de Notre Enfance' this time with Michel Sardou. This track also remained on the charts for a long time, successfully number one in France


It is not difficult to find feelings such as tones from the past, hope, passion and joy in Garou's voice, who has produced romantic, emotional, nostalgic and epic works. Thanks to his love for his job and his high level performance in his interpretation, he is a voice that impresses you from the first syllable, both in the studio and on the stage.

We wouldn't be wrong if we compare Garou's voice and interpretation to an extraordinary natural phenomenon that crosses borders and languages, makes people feel good and happy. As you listen to his pieces, you will feel something move inside you.

Speaking of Garou's duets, it's best not to mention the classic 'Tu es Comme Ça' that he performed with the young talent Marilou.

Despite being a performer with classical roots, Garou manages to surprise his listeners every time as he is one of the rare names that has succeeded in proving his success in pop music today


He collaborates with pop giants Guy Chambers and Enrique Iglesias on the track 'First Day of My Life'. Garou's ability to use English as fluently as his mother tongue makes him a multinational singer.

The same piece brought great success to Melanie C in 2006 all over Europe. As you can see, he is a talent that adds value to whoever he works with and makes every job he touches shine.

Passionate Canadian singer and actor Garou, who has a huge fan base in our country as well, gave an unforgettable concert in Istanbul for the first time last year, as part of his tour 'Garou - 20 years', in which he celebrated the 20th anniversary of his career.

After this concert, the artist, who will come to our country once again with the organization of Piu Entertainment on February 29, 2020, upon popular demand, will take you on a musical journey at Volkswagen Arena.