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Glory, fame, blood, sweat and tears

Not to mention the two Oscars that the film won in the categories of best music and best song…

And that's not enough, the movie also has a Grammy for best album, what else? Fame is a movie full of great music, great dances and the best part of youth is endless energy and ambition…

After this movie, Alan Parker once again crowned his love of music by shooting Pink Floyd's double album The Wall and The Commitments, which tells the story of a group of young people who have sworn to make music, but anyway, that's not our topic now.

Fame also shows us that it takes hard, hard work to be a star, that it's not enough, that pure talent is useless, and that dedication is important. Of course, throughout the film, we watch the troubles of youth such as homosexuality, abortion at a young age, love, heartbreak and rebellion, the society's view of these 'different' children and their efforts to survive.

Why do we love Fame? High-skilled dancers who do the most difficult choreographies as if to say 'shut-up', or young geniuses who can play the weirdest scores without moving a hair? Or is it the love worlds of people at the peak of their beauty and youth… Even if none of that, Fame has a truly incredible soundtrack. With Irene Cara's terrific interpretation of the years when disco was disco, the album is on fire from start to finish

Fame and beyond…

After the fame, nothing has been the same. Of course, if we say after Fame, it would be useful to remember a little bit before Fame. The 1975 musical Chorus Line can be considered the forerunner of Fame in many ways.

A musical about the stage experiences of young and talented people, their inner troubles and the sense of competition they experience, and then with the film version shot in 1985, it is an interesting example that inspired Fame musically, but was later included in Fame's wake. If so, I suggest you watch it.

By the way, an interesting detail is that Fame's musical is staged after the movie. In A Chorus Line, this system works in the opposite direction. Moreover, Fame somehow reverses the tradition that most musicals that hit Broadway are "films" afterward.

The beautiful Fame, which tells about the distinguished students of the New York School of Performing Arts, embarks on a TV series adventure that will last for 6 seasons after the movie. The TV series, as it stands, almost gains more fame than the movie Fame… Like its name, it begins to pass its own fame with its own fame.

Turn up, turn up, there’s Fame on the TV.

The series begins to be broadcast in our country as well. It would be an incredible opportunity for young people to watch such a visionary musical series on the state channel in years when there were not many channels.

The excitement of the series, taking the conservatory exam and going to the conservatory in those years became a status symbol. Even during middle and high school education, many young people try to attend the conservatory from outside, even if they take evening classes.

This is perhaps the biggest impact of those years and Fame on our society. It brings young people together with music and dance. Fame is instrumental in transferring the energy inside young people to creation, production and art


Fame becomes a series that reflects the spirit of the time and influences societies in periods with few channels.

In the post-Cold War world, in the tense and nuclear-armed years of the 1980s, he grows into people's lives like a lifeline and saves most young people from their troubled situation with his love of music, dance and production. It is not known whether a similar situation will occur now, but Fame is a production that did a very effective job with the few resources of that time.

Today, we can only come across productions that bring societies together on the bright screen, such as Game of Thrones or The Lost. Since they are structurally working on 'consumption' like big factories, it is impossible for them to convey an emotion or excitement like in Fame to the societies and their audiences.

Fame is still staged in many countries around the world, and continues to inspire many young people and people. He explains that dreams do not come true just by dreaming, that dreams can become reality by working hard. It shows that talent doesn't mean anything by itself, that being in a group, doing things together will often be of greater value than the sum.

Fame will be at Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage with only 8 performances between 10-15 December 2019 with its musical staged in West End as part of Yapı Kredi's 75th Anniversary, as well as with its original cast. A limited number of advantageous tickets are waiting for you at Biletix