"...a young Israeli singer with the most passionate vocal style and a bold, original goal in music... Yamin's voice is just like him and powerful..." - The Guardian

"The delicate arrangements bring together elements of Middle Eastern, Balkan and Spanish cuisine ingeniously." - Daily telegram

Yasmin Levy, who features the songs of her own and popular last popular TV series, invites her fields as a different musical with Turkish melodies.

Having played the piano 6 times and making his first appearance at the age of 21, WOMEX made his international debut in 2002. Yitzhak's great achievements have had an impact on his first album, Romance&Yasmin, as a choir conductor. Yasmin Levy, who is one of the passionate students of the flamenco guitar, which is widely used in Turkish string instruments, reveals her identical style by blending her own style such as cello and piano with the rhythms of the East.

Etkinlikler Tarihleri

23 December 2017 21:00

Zorlu PSM, Ana Tiyatro

08 June 2022 21:06

Zorlu PSM