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Olivier Award-winning Ute Lemper comes to Cadogan Hall to celebrate the life of Marlene Dietrich.
Rendezvous with Marlene is based on a three-hour phone call between Dietrich and Ute Lemper in 1988.

After receiving the French Molière Award for her performance in Cabaret in Paris, Ute had sent a postcard to Marlene, essentially apologising for all the media attention drawing comparisons between them.

Ute was just at the beginning of her career in theatre and music, whereas Marlene looked back on a long, fulfilled life of movies, music, incredible collaborations, love stories and stardom.

Ute considers it her secret gift to have heard Marlene talk about her life, her work and style, her love for the poet Rilke, her complicated relationship with Germany, her sorrow and her fascinations.
Join her as she shares them live and in concert.

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18 Haziran 2022 21:06

Cadogan Hall